The changes of season are more favorable conditions for disease to develop. Here are some winter disease risks, according Boldsky.

During the cold season, the weather changes and sudden temperature drop caused weakened immune system leads to colds. Enjoy a hot dish and keep warm for the body to prevent the disease.

The vius are highly contagious in the winter. To avoid a cough, sore throat, you should drink green tea because it helps build the immune system and fight off harmful bacteria.

Monsoon accompanied with cold rains is the condition caused flu. To prevent, you need to keep the body warm, avoid cold foods. Flu is a contagious disease, so be careful when in contact with an infected person.
Changing Weather is the time of the dengue epidemic outbreak risk. The symptoms of dengue are usually high fever, joint pain, skin rashes, headaches and muscular pain. You should clean sanitary accommodation, kill mosquitoes, staggered, avoid mosquito bites to prevent the disease.

Chikungunya fever

Chikungunya fever caused by Aedes aegypti mosquito. Chikungunya is a common disease in the winter, the symptoms are high fever, joint pain and severe headache. As a precaution, you should clean tanks and water storage areas, and often kill mosquitoes.
Virus Fever
Virus fever with viral infections, cold cough are common in this season. Patients should avoid eating dairy products and fried foods.

Typhoid is an acute infectious disease, spread by the digestive tract caused by the bacillus Salmonella. The symptoms are fever, sore throat and headache. Provision Typhoid is very important. First, you need to improve sanitation situation where you live, water and waste control, eat cooked and boiled food. Wash hands before eating, after working, contacting with objects.
Yellow fever

Yellow fever is a disease common in the rainy season causes fever, headache, nausea and vomiting. Yellow fever can become more severe, bleeding, heart liver, and kidney problems. To prevent this deadly disease, should drink boiled water and avoid street food. Wash vegetables with salt water before cooking to kill harmful bacteria.
Diarrhea is also a common disease in winter by street water and food contaminated. Eating clean foods to prevent the disease.


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