By self test body at home, you will assess your current health to thereby maintain or treatment appropriatly. Here are the very simple ways to tests your health at home that you can implement immediately, according Boldsky.

Check Breast

To check the breast, you stand before a mirror and looking for changes in color, shape, size of the skin or nipple. Next, lie down and lift your right arm over your head, using three fingers (thumb, middle and ring finger) of the left hand rubbing, bending your right breast, starting from the armpit, then switch sides. If you feel the lump form or the different between two breastes, it is best to see your doctor to check immediately.

Check cardiovascular
Cardiovascular disease is the second threat to women’s health after cancer. To check your heart rate, start by placing the index and middle fingers on the underside of the wrist rest. Then count the heart beats in 60 seconds. With adults, from 60 to 100 beats per minute is normal. Perform this self-test only when you are calm and relaxed.

Check blood pressure

If you are regularly stress, pressure,you should check your blood pressure once a week. Just buy a small sphygmomanometer at home, you can control your blood pressure. From there, you will have the basis to regulate blood pressure by exercise and sensible diet.

Check UTI
Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a disease that many women suffer from. To know you wether you get the disease or not, take a look at your urine. Urine bloody, turbid or odor is a sign of illness. If unattended, the infection will spread to the kidneys, very dangerous.

Test ovulation
For women who want to pregnant, this is an important self-test to consider your ovulation. You need an ovulation test kits at home and performing on the 11th day after menstruation.

Check skin

If you notice any mole or black spot changes the color, develop, or bleeding on your skin, you should not ignore. It may be a warning sign of health, it’s best to see your doctor to be checked in detail.


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