Unlike other beverages, coffee’s main function is not refreshing, even though the American people to drink it as refreshments. Many people drink it with the aim of creating excitement. According to a study published in August 2005 by the American chemist Joe Vinson of the University of Scranton, the coffee is an important source of supply of antioxidants to the body, the role that previously were only found in fruits and vegetables. These substances also indirectly reduce the risk of cancer in humans.


If you like drinking coffee, it surely will be good news. Men’s Health reported that a project of Harvard (USA) shows people have the habit of drinking coffee every day will have a long life.


In the study, 200,000 volunteers were monitored for 28 years. Eliminate smoking group, the scientists discovered people who drink 3-5 cups of coffee a day reduced heart attack risk by 19%, 24% diabetes and early death at 15%. Leader author Dr. Frank Hu said chlorogenic acid in coffee may be the cause of this phenomenon due to the antioxidant effect, prevent infection.


Additionally, Dr. Chu says caffeine stimulates dopamine production while enhancing neurotransmitters help people effectively against Parkinson’s disease and depression.
According to doctors, there is no recommend about the amount of coffee should be drunk for everyone. Using 3-5 cups are ideal, but the benefits of coffee still promoted if you drink a little bit more than or less than.


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