In addition to the use of mouth wash, antiseptic the pain, salt water also has many use in beauty and wellness.

1.Except, detoxification:


If you hand sticks to toxic substances, use salt rubbing on the pain can help detoxify. If you are stung by centipede or scorpion, use a teaspoon of salt put in to hot water, then soak the wound part into it detoxify.

 2. Natural hemostatic drugs:


If your gastric is bleeding, you need to add a little bit salt water to ease the condition then go to the hospital. If you get nosebleed, put a damp cloth with salt into the nostrils, you can also drink a cup of salt water. If your mouth is bleeding, you can use water salt to rinse your mouth to promote blood clotting, help hemostasis efficient.

3. Support effective weight loss:


If you are on a diet, the empty intestines in the evening is very uncomfortable. You can drink a cup of salted water. Salt water not only reduces hunger, reduce acid in the stomach, but also cure bad breath. In addition salt water has food effect for constipation sufferers.

4. Treating Stomach pain:


With the person who eat inordinate, or often drink beer and alcohol, the stomach pain is one of the most common symptoms. To treat stomach ailments, you can apply the following methods: Crushed 15 grams of star anise flower and 16 grams fennel leaves, mixed with about 400-500 grams of salt. Put his mixture into a very hot pot, then put in a cloth bag. Using a towel to wrap around and apply to the sore and the back. Perseverance do this method daily can help gastric operations more efficient, and treat stomach pain.


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