Balance the pH for the skin, treating oily skin:
You can mix the vinegar with distilled water or mineral water or rose water at the rate of 1-1 and then shook, and put into the cooling compartment of the refrigerator. Every day, after cleansing your face, you can soak the cold vinegar on a cotton ball makeup remover and gently dab around the face. It is immediately balance the pH of the skin, more effective than toner. You can complete feel secure when using vinegar instead of water rose. This method also treats the oily skin because vinegar can clean the oil deep in the pores.


Make the skin smooth and soft, easy to make up:
Before makeup, you should the mixture above on the skin, gently pat so that the skin dry naturally. Although your skin is dry, it is still soft and feeling moist, then you can start makeup. This method helps your skin limit oil, smoother, more natural.


Helps whites are light and color:
Vinegar contains many nutrients good for the skin, such as calcium, amino acids, vitamin B, glycerin, succinic acid, sugar and some salt … can whiten, smoothen skin, leveling the dark skin.

Every day, after the makeup remover and wash your face, you can mix a little vinegar with water to rinse the skin to help your skin absorb important nutrients. Wash your face regularly with vinegar will help your skin being natural pink white.

In addition, every day, you can mix vinegar with warm water and soak or bounce on to your body, then blot dry skin, maintain regularly you will have whiter, silky and more elastic skin, reducing body odor.


Treatment of acne, dark pigmentation
If you get acne, use a cotton ball to soak vinegar and cover up the acne for 10 minutes, then remove cotton ball away and leave it overnight. After waking up, clean with cold water.

Because apple vinegar is slightly acid, it can blur the new stretch marks appear on the skin. Combine vinegar, honey, egg whites, matcha powder to get a great mask to trat melasma.


Relieve some skin diseases such as shingles, impetigo, fungal hair, varicose veins

Use undiluted vinegar applied continuously to the fungus, your skin will be healed because apple cider vinegar has strong antibacterial effects.


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