Dark urine color, brittle nails, poor quality sleep can be a health warning, according Cheatsheet.


Skin is pretty accurate measure of your overall health. Some skin problems like acne can stem from hormonal factor in the body. Rough skin, tired is likely to alarm you should adjust the diet, reduced in protein, increase vitamins and fiber. Dietary nutrient deficiencies cause poor elasticity, pale skin.


You have trouble with sleeping at night, not deep sleep or flickering sleep are warnings of problems. You should review the day diet, is there are too many stimulants such as caffeine or indigestion foods. Anxiety, stress and work pressure also causes the body’s circadian rhythm changes negatively, affect sleep quality. You should strengthen the movement, yoga or meditation to improve mental health.


Dark urine color, odor so strong or irregular urination is also a sign of concern. The urine of a healthy person is pale yellow, mild odor. You should add water into the body so that the body’s metabolism being smooth.


Chapped lips and you must continuously apply lip balm is a sign that your body lacks substance. Lips are often a manifestation of the body’s vitamin levels. A full lips proved that your body are healthy and enough nutrients.


Check toes, hands regularly to identify if any abnormal signs. Brittle nails, or scratch is a common symptom finding in people lacking of oxygen, some vitamins, follicle horn, peripheral circulatory disorders, anemia.


Feet and hands cold abnormal can be a symptom that you’re having problems with blood flow. Go to the doctor to check if this phenomenon happens regularly.


The regular headaches unexplained are usually signs of metabolic disorders in the body. You should build a active lifestyle, take the time to rest and relax to the mind to be recovered. You should check carefully to ascertain your health status rather arbitrarily go to buy aspirin.


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