Weight loss is easy to make you frustrating. Therefore, many people look to the various weight loss products advertised in the market. But a lot of them not really bring good result.

  1. Cellulite Gel
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This gel is advertised very “miraculous”, containing the compounds to promote metabolism and energy. But these substances are difficult to have good effect just by rubbing, heated skin. They only make the skin lost water and toned temporary.

2. Weight Loss Massage Machine


Massage can not help you remove fat, even when they are advertised as capable of reduced fat and orange peel skin. Massage machine only works to improve blood flow.

3. Heated sauna Belts


These types of vibrated motion belt is advertised to melt belly fat easily, is also an useless product. Body fat can not be separated and melt away just by shaking.

4. Replacement powder


This powder is advertised that it will provide the necessary vitamins and reduce calories, but in fact you can hardly use it for long-term. Right after stopping using it, you will put on weight.

5. Herbal Products
They can be used to relax very well and create virtual effects like placebo, and laxative effect. But if you want to lose weight, you can not rely on them.

6. Electromagnetic pulse massage machine


Electrical impulse is simply to help you improve blood circulation, but can not help you to melt fat. They work great for beautiful skin.


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