The very small things you often do in the morning can affect your mood throughout the day.

Stay more 20 minutes in bed


Bed is the place to sleep, as long as lingered in bed, your body will easy to be “tempted” to sleep more.
Wake up from a lingered sleep make you feel more tired all day long. When you need to get up, you should get up immediately.

Do not drink water
Sleep dehydrate, causing bad breath. After eight hours of not re-loadable water sleep, energy in your body is being depleted. Water shortage makes you tired, irritable.
Despite how busy you are, you should drink enough water before leaving home.

Bath at night


It is said that hot bath at night helps you relax and sleep better, but the truth is opposite. During the sleep, our body temperature is going down, so a hot bath at night like taking an exercise, makes you take time for the body to cool down to sleep.
You should have shower in the morning to “recharge” and be more awake.

Exercise in the evening
Exercise in the evening makes you sleeplessness. The ideal time to take an exercise is in the morning to load endorphin hormones that makes you happy, transmit oxygen and nutrients to the muscle tissue, which helps the heart, lungs work better.

Time in the house too much


Blue light makes you more awake, reduce drowsiness. Sunlight also helps create vitamin D which is important to enhance energy. The person who suffer from Vitamin D deficiency is often chronic fatigue.

Lack of music
A little funky music can help you start your day more exciting. Researchers show that music with 120-145 beats per minute can make you out of bed faster.


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