Pork can be used for processing a lot of different dishes, but it also can not be combined with many foods. For example, the following list of items, the combination is not only harmful to health but also make the dishes not delicious.


1. Beef


According to the Qing Dynasty Cuisine,pork and beef should not be processed in the same dish. Pork is welding properties while beef is neutral, they are completely different subjects, limiting other’s strengths, reduce the nutritional value of the other.


2. Goat Liver


The liver, especially liver is slightly smelly when sauteed with pork will make the dish taste becomes unpleasant, disturbing people enjoying food.


3. Soybeans


The notion of modern nutritionists say, pork and soybeans should not combine the cooking. Soybean is one of the nutrient-rich foods with60-80% of phosphorus. This element is very appropriate when combined with protein(eggs). But if combined soy with foods like pork,fish, they will have unfavorable influence to the type of food.

Particularly when combined the soybean and pork in the same dish, phosphorus in soybean have the potential to reduce the nutritional value of pork, especially with lean meat.


4. Herbs


Herbs is neutral, while pork is welding. This difference makes it difficult to combine these two foods.


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