Let’s see the last 5 factors that cause migraine in human:

The citrus fruit

This food group is still controversial – some studies have found an association between migraine and citrus fruit, some are not. However, citrus fruits can posible cause migraines in some people, and make sure the fruit is already in the sights of the experts as one culprit – although rare.
To help identify where the pathogen of yourself, experts recommend writing dairy on headaches, the severity, the food and the drug was used.

Saccharine aspartame

This artificial sweetener is also suspected to cause migraines in some people. Based on the researches conducted carefully, doctors often advise migraine patients to limit sugars in the diet. This low-calorie sweetener can be present in packaged foods and drinks, including diet sodas, breakfast cereals, cakes, jelly and so on….


Green beans, peas and lentils are also suspected of causing migraine, although they are less common than alcohol and caffeine. Experts also quite confused in explaining why beans can cause migraine in some people, but research has shown the importance of the plant food in preventing a headache.
A 2014 study in The Journal of Headache and Pain found that vegetarians suffer less of a headache than people with normal diets. Certainly the foods of plant origin contain anti-inflammatory substances, but the researchers noted that their objects also lose weight while studying – and obesity has been thought to be associated with migraine.

Hard-shell seed

This food group also are “not to be studied carefully, but were situated within sight of the doctor”. If you eat hard-shelled seeds and get migraine in 4-12 hours after, it may be the culprit.

The chocolate

Although many people believe that chocolate is the cause of migraine, but according to experts, the opposite is true – crave sweets is a symptom of impending headache, not the cause.

According to a summary of the 2012 study in Brazil, who is in the beginning phase of a migraine may crave chocolate, but this food itself is not responsible for headaches. But because it is difficult to say what caused what, so chocolate is still on the list of potential fators of migraine.



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