10 following foods are considered to be the most culprit cause migraine. However, before you remove anything of them out of the diet, remember that fasting or skipping meals also triggers migraine in women.


Wine, especially red wine, is considered as one of the triggers of migraine. According to a summary of Brazilian researchers, migraine patients said that alcohol plays more than 30% role in headache.
The reason is still a controversy; some experts believe that there are substances in wine, such as tannin and flavonoid, is the culprit.
A 2014 study suggested that red wine contains high tannin – such as cabernet sauvignon – even easier to cause more migraines.
In addition, alcoholic beverages also cause dehydration, can also contribute to migraines.


If you’re prone to migraines, you should review the amount of coffee or soda per day. Too many of these things can cause migraines, probably because caffeine acts on certain receptors in the brain associated with migraines, according to a summation 2009. You should limit caffeinated drinks at 240 – 360ml / day.
But there is a paradox: because caffeine has analgesic effects, so drinking a small amount of this substance can actually reduce pain quickly – provided that at the beginning you do not overdo it .

Old cheese

Gorgonzola, Camembert, Cheddar are the favorite kind of old cheese for flavor and rich texture – is also considered a perpetrator of migraine.
Experts are not sure what kind is particularly true culprit, but research suggests that old cheese may contain substance group called tyramine, can interact with the neurotransmitter in the body and leads to migraines.

Cold meat or processed meat

Cold meats and processed meats like sausage, turkey sandwich can cause migraines. These meats contain a preservative called sodium nitrate, and the researchers speculate that these additives also cause changes in brain chemistry systems, contribute to headaches.


Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is condemned in recent years mainly due to the association with obesity. Few people know that this is also a suspected cause of migraine.
Despite no evidence to confirm, but a 2008 study suggested that this ingredient causes 2.5% cases of headache.


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