Please do not ever warm the dishes below to avoid damage to health.

  1. Rice


Rice should eat immediately after cooking. Preservation of rice in the fridge and then reheat will turn the rice spores into substances harmful to the stomach. These spores produce bacteria; make you feel nauseated or ill.

  1. Water

Many people have the habit of drinking water boil again and again several times without realizing that this job can be harmful to their health. The heavy metal content is not good for your health such as lead, candimium and nitrate when repeatedly boiled will undergo hydrolysis.
When water evaporates continuously will make these substances increases, when absorbed into the body will cause harm to health.

  1. Mushrooms


When cooked repeatedly, the protein and nutritional content of mushrooms will turn into toxins that are harmful to the stomach. In addition, cooked mushroom for more than 1 time can also damage the heart.

  1. Potatoes


The potato is actually a healthy food when boiled with its skin. However, if you reheat the potatoes in the microwave, the entire beneficial nutrients will disappear, replaced by the presence of substances that are harmful to the human body.

  1. Spinach

Spinach is a food high in vitamin K, calcium and nitrate. When re-cooked, this nitrate will turn into nitrite, a carcinogenic substance in the body. Therefore, absolutely should not re-boil the vegetables.

  1. Chicken meat


Chicken meat contains large amounts of protein. Re-warming it will cause the proteins to change and metamorphosed affecting the digestive system.

  1. Eggs


Eggs are one of leftovers food that never be reheated after cooked. Boiled, steamed and fried Eggs contain calcium, nutrients, vitamins and other nutritional elements, but if continue to be affected by high temperatures, egg yolks can turn into substances harmful to the body.

  1. Beetroot

One of the foods should not be re-cooked or reheated is beetroot, red juicy vegetables contain iron, magnesium, calcium and part of high nitrates. When re-cooked, reheated, it can make the production of cancer cells in the body.

  1. Celery


Green leafy vegetables contain nitrates and most will turn into harmful nitrites when re-heated. Celery is one of them. You should not cook the celery again but you can make salad or soup from them.

  1. White radish

White radish is one of the healthiest vegetables that everyone should eat at least 1 times / week. However, when it is re-heated in the microwave, it will switch to acidification status can affect the small intestine, causing abdominal pain.


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