Foods that men should not ignore (part 1)

A banana provides about 10% of the demand of potassium per day, Potassium is necessary for the health of the heart, kidneys and bones. Webmd introduced some very good foods for men’s health: Fatty fish Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men...
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The disease women can self-test at home

By self test body at home, you will assess your current health to thereby maintain or treatment appropriatly. Here are the very simple ways to tests your health at home that you can implement immediately, according Boldsky. Check Breast To check the breast, you stand...
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Winter disease without exception

The changes of season are more favorable conditions for disease to develop. Here are some winter disease risks, according Boldsky. Cold During the cold season, the weather changes and sudden temperature drop caused weakened immune system leads to colds. Enjoy a hot dish and keep...
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4 dishes can not be used with pork

Pork can be used for processing a lot of different dishes, but it also can not be combined with many foods. For example, the following list of items, the combination is not only harmful to health but also make the dishes not delicious.   1....
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Abuse vitamin would be harmful

Soy products
Vitamins A, C and E are good antioxidants, but if we use too much can lead to cancer. Many people think that many vitamin supplements will enhance health and beauty. However, Lifehacks said that this concept is completely wrong because not all vitamins are good....
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Foods protect against cancer

Vegetables and fruits not only provide nutrients but also have the leading effects in prevention of cancer. One of the factors leading to cancer is caused by diet. Experts suggest a number of common vegetables in Vietnam proven good for health, potentially preventing disease, especially...
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Foods good for the brain

Regularly eating apples, avocado, turmeric, add fish, spinach and green tea daily will strengthen the brain, cognitive function and prevention of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Alzeihmer. Brain really needs essential nutrients for proper and responsive functioning as it is the agency specified function...
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Cough treatment by herbal

In countries with developed medicine, cough treatments from herbal like ivy leaves are preferred to use. Cough is a reflex to expel the secretions, extraneous body and microorganisms … with respiratory tract (upper respiratory and lower respiratory), so they can be considered as a benefit...
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