10 foods absolutely should not re-warm

Please do not ever warm the dishes below to avoid damage to health. Rice Rice should eat immediately after cooking. Preservation of rice in the fridge and then reheat will turn the rice spores into substances harmful to the stomach. These spores produce bacteria; make...
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7 symptoms to identify that you are unwell

Dark urine color, brittle nails, poor quality sleep can be a health warning, according Cheatsheet. Skin is pretty accurate measure of your overall health. Some skin problems like acne can stem from hormonal factor in the body. Rough skin, tired is likely to alarm you...
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Six types of food can cause illness unexpectedly

You often avoid the food carrying pathogenic bacteria, preservatives such as eggs, vegetables or meat, but there are also other foods that also have similar risk you are unexpected. Marinated caramel apples Research shows that this sweet dish can be an ideal environment for pathogenic bacteria listeria. Although...
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The disease women can self-test at home

By self test body at home, you will assess your current health to thereby maintain or treatment appropriatly. Here are the very simple ways to tests your health at home that you can implement immediately, according Boldsky. Check Breast To check the breast, you stand...
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Winter disease without exception

The changes of season are more favorable conditions for disease to develop. Here are some winter disease risks, according Boldsky. Cold During the cold season, the weather changes and sudden temperature drop caused weakened immune system leads to colds. Enjoy a hot dish and keep...
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Drinking coffee helps longevity

Unlike other beverages, coffee’s main function is not refreshing, even though the American people to drink it as refreshments. Many people drink it with the aim of creating excitement. According to a study published in August 2005 by the American chemist Joe Vinson of the...
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4 dishes can not be used with pork

Pork can be used for processing a lot of different dishes, but it also can not be combined with many foods. For example, the following list of items, the combination is not only harmful to health but also make the dishes not delicious.   1....
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