A beautiful skin not only helps you stand out, but also is an important factor contributing to the success in life.
The following daily routine of many young people unwittingly cause serious impact to the skin. Bad habit makes beauty downhill and aging rapidly through the expression: dull, dry, wrinkles appear more…

Regular be “night owl”

Staying up late is very harmful for the skin, because usually in the period from 10 pm onward is the time of undergoing restoration and regeneration of skin. If you often sleep late or sleep less will make circulatory disorders of metabolism and nervous system, resulting in skin lacks nutrients, difficult recovery, decreased elasticity, wrinkles appear.

Too much sun exposure

The ultraviolet radiation is the culprit causing skin pigmentation, dull skin, spots. You need to limit the sunny outdoors if unnecessarily. If you have multiple outdoor exposures, please use sunscreen, masks, hats to protect skin.

Eating many sweets
You should give up this habit now because it makes skin become bad and premature aging. When you Eat too many sweets, blood sugar levels will link with collagen in the skin, this collagen will be easily broken and can not heal itself, vulnerable leads to wrinkles development.

Always stress

Stress, excessive stress leads to an increase of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol in blood, depletes vital nutrients for the skin and prevents the regeneration of connective tissue components such as collagen and elastin – the substances help elastic skin, lush vitality. Excessive stress lead to thinner skin, develop wrinkles, aging will increase according to the level of your regular stress.


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