The Indians often love the products extracted from the herb.

Massage with warm towels soaked in drugs


Massage is one of the methods of health care as well as improve the beauty is loved by many girls. Under the influence of wet towel soaked in drugs, the skin is received in a positive way the nutrients and makes skin healthy and smooth.


Pour medication into the forehead


Forehead is one of the sensitive areas of the body to receive the balance of the body. Drug water is poured directly onto the forehead enables the brain to relax and promote the activities of the vessels makes the face becomes brighter.


Massage with coconut leaves


The components in the coconut also have a good effect on the skin. So the Indian people often choose coconut leaves to make the perfect instrument to massage the skin.

Soaking in drugs


Soaking in the drug helps the body to enhance the process of metabolism, simultaneously filter out toxins. Thus help to improve the physique and make smooth, beautiful skin.

Pour medicine from the head


Besides pouring medicine onto forehead, pouring medicine from the head also is used to enhance capacity and improve the aging problem. Wrap a towel on the head with a pipe and pour drugs water into the piper so that the medicine absorb slowly to the towel, hair, scalp.

Lotion with coconut oil mask


Coconut oil is one of the most favorite medicinal herb of Indian. Most types of beauty care products for the skin contains many components are extracted from coconut oil

Bathing under the tap water


Bathing under the tap of the water tank with water directly from wells is also a form of traditional beauty of Indian. This helps the body harmonizes with nature, brings beauty and healthy for the body.


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