The 7 – day – process of the whole body beauty following will help every bride flawless beautiful in their wedding.

Day 7: Relaxing with body massage


Massage helps the whole body is relaxed, circulate the blood vessels in the body, help stretch your muscle. Fatigue prone areas of the body such as shoulder, neck, head, spine, calves should be cared more during the massage

Moreover, this is a great therapy can against stress and change anxiety mood that most brides are suffer before the wedding. When performing the massage, you should incorporate essential oils to help the skin soft, deep penetration of nutrients.

Day 6: Mask body, eliminate toxins.


To eliminating toxins for skin, you can use a sauna or soaking in herbal tub. Next is exfoliation, and finally is mask the whole body with nutrients. Doing this will deep clean the skin of the bride and help them have a smooth skin.

The nature of each person’s skin will suit with different nutrients. Often, green tea mask is very popular; both gentle to the skin, oil control, cure acne and brighten skin.

Day 5: Hair removal, skin lightening


On the 5th day before the wedding, the bride should “waxing” for the entire body. Always used moisturize cream before and after waxing to help the skin softer. According to scientific research, this method also helps regenerate and rejuvenate the skin.

Day 4: Hair Dye and Hair care


The hair dyed bright colors will be extremely effective in helping the bride become flawless beautiful on her wedding day. The important thing is taking a silky soft hair treatment (oil steaming hair), not necessarily to change the type of hair because the makeup stylist will help her on the wedding day.

Day 3: Gold Mask


After the body lotion and hair treatment, let’s spend more time for the face. The first stage is exfoliation, followed by the oil and acne sucked, and finally is nutrient mask.

Investing a gold mask will be a good decisions of the bride. This mask provides moderate moisture to the skin, deeply penetrating, making skin a natural shine. At the same time, the bride should combine with gentle facial massage helps the skin more elastic.

Day 2: Manicure


This process should start by soaking foot and hand with rose petals or other herb. Then gently massage. And finally trimming and painting nails. About the glosses foundation, should choose the lucky color as red, pink, yellow…

Day 1: Relax the whole body, waiting for your moment

The last day before going your husband home, the bride should take a deep sleep from 8-10 hours to get the healthiest body and skin. And do not forget to wash your hair so that it will be more beautiful when you make hair style.


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