Make yourself beautiful by doing some little things like not looking in the mirror, standing up straight and smiling, posting photo on social networks…

1. Do not look in the mirror

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When the mirror, the defects of the face and body you will find out why you always lose confidence. Therefore, limit the mirror in the morning, you'll think I'm beautiful, and also saves you a lot of time.

Of course, you can look in the mirror for makeup before leaving the house, but try to avoid doing this throughout the day.

 2. Stand up straight and smile

stay fabulous

Your body language can fool your brain believe that you're happy. That means you should stand up straight and smiling throughout the day.

Maybe you tired of sitting in a chair working. But you still should use appropriate body language to make yourself feel beautiful when you look.

 3. Exercise

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Exercise can make you feel tired, take a long time, but after you're done, you will feel healthy and rejuvenated.

You'll even feel proud when I have finished that takes both physical strength and mental strength. There is no better way for you to feel nice on your body is by exercising and being active every day.

 4. Take care of yourself

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You will feel better than ever after a day at the spa. If you do not have the time or the money to nail polish, professional massage at a spa, you can paint your nails yourself and soak in a bubble bath. As long as it helps you relax and make you feel comfortable.

 5. Post photos on social networks

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Look for your best pictures and post them on social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+ or Instagram. The interest you receive from friends or even strangers will help you feel more confident.

 6. Listen to positive songs

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If you come in contact with people who often have negative thoughts, you also will be "spread" of thinking. The same is true in music. Enjoy the sweet tone, deep and fun to your life feel more loved.

 7. Wear your favorite clothes

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If you're feeling unhappy, wear your favorite costume to raise morale and improve mood. If that does not make you feel good, you can do makeup or hair in a new style.

When you look different every day, you will feel different than usual. That's a sure way to help you feel better.

By: Dinah Longoria


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stay fabulous

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