10 of the greatest foodie spots in Ireland

By Sarah Gordon Seafood with a twist: hot and cold Harty oysters at The Tannery The island of Ireland has long been blessed with the finest ingredients for a foodie trip. Here are some of the best culinary experiences the island has to offer, from...
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The 4 Best Ways to Treat Hyperpigmentation

BY GRACE GOLD With all those sunny memories of summer slipping away, you may have noticed one thing that’s stubbornly staying: hyperpigmentation. This common skin condition is essentially any darker discoloration on the skin, and includes age spots (also known as solar lentigines), melasma, and dark...
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10 best places to enjoy autumn colours in the UK

By NICOLA OAKLEY Want to get out and have a brisk walk in a lovely setting? Check to find your nearest autumn beauty spot October has nearly arrived and, although we may be enjoying unseasonably warm weather, autumn really is here. Following the autumnal equinox last week, many...
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The Best Exercise to Lose Your Belly Pooch

Start planning a goodbye party for your tummy. BY MACAELA MACKENZIE In the weight-loss game, not all fat is created equal. And if you’re trying to lose that belly pooch you just know is hiding a six pack, stomach fat is a particularly stubborn beast. But...
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What to do when I feel the early signs of flu ?

Sick woman with tissue on white
Staying hydrated is essential if you’re infected with the flu. “Feed a cold, starve a fever,” the saying goes. But if you’ve ever been hit with a spout of the flu then you’ll know this old wives’ tale does very little to get you through. Cue a week...
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